The following Videos are a brief tutorial for programming a FUTABA 10CAG Transmitter for a Giant Scale Aerobatic/3D model with multiple aileron, elevator and rudder servos. The philosophy of the programming is to minimize the need for the pilot to flip a bunch of switches.
You may find it easier to Right Click and "Save Target As"

I hope you can use the information I put together.

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FUTABA 10CAG Initial Setup

FUTABA 10CAG, Ail & Elev Prog

FUTABA 10CAG 3 Rudder Servo Setup

FUTABA 10CAG Expo & Dual Rates

FUTABA 10CAG Timer & Engine Kill

FUTABA 10CAG Matching Rudder Servos

FUTABA 10CAG Rudd/Ail & Rudd/Elev Mix